Pagan Prayer Cards

Before the term Pagan became a pejorative used by Christians, it was used to describe rustic folk—people of the country, those who understood the rhythms of nature and its connectivity to a deeper spirituality. These prayer cards question the validity of themselves by pairing ritualized creatures with made up mantras, while being optimistic that there is something outside ourselves resonating with projected hope.

Creatures were cut from Charles Fr├ęger photos published in National Geographic April 2013. Texts were extracted from an encyclopedia of the animal world.

Pagan Prayer Card: Seek  


Prayer Card (Front | Back) - 2013

seek in the night. It is believed to provide introduction to many

Pagan Prayer Card: Forage  


Prayer Card (Front | Back) - 2013

forage together in the undergrowth and time will emerge for a moment perhaps to sing

Pagan Prayer Card: Hold  


Prayer Card (Front | Back) - 2013

hold one another cause of its present rarity all over the world

Pagan Prayer Card: Shelter  


Prayer Card (Front | Back) - 2013

threatened. take shelter in the forest for he defends from other birth

Pagan Prayer Card: Enjoy  


Prayer Card (Front | Back) - 2013

enjoy wallowing in pairs When survival is unrelenting

Pagan Prayer Card: Browse  


Prayer Card (Front | Back) - 2013

be mobile, browse alone, live in overlapping boundaries and remain together

Pagan Prayer Card: Feed  


Prayer Card (Front | Back) - 2013

feed of plants camouflaging the destruction wrought by man

Pagan Prayer Card: Shield  


Prayer Card (Front | Back) - 2013

shield the Wary and shy, which graze during the night up the mountains

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